Covid 19 impacts on technology

The effects of COVID 19 are having a significant impact on technology, although there are some beneficial impacts such as people working from home, getting online education and social distancing which will create more demand for technological products and services delivered by the technology industry.

However, COVID 19 has also had a very negative impact for example Operational, workforce and supply chain disruptions will trigger less production and less profit and Cybersecurity risks are likely to rise as a result of more people working remotely. People are also not purchasing products at the same rate and technology is the same as all other industries in that it needs customers and COVID 19 has ruined the economy leading to people having less money to purchase technological product's.

COVID 19 will cause a lot of cash flow challenges for undercapitalized tech companies lead to them to downsizing or looking for alternative sourcing.It’s not all bad though the technology industry isn’t going anywhere because it is the only thing giving other business hope, without technology most businesses during this tough time would’ve gone bankrupt and disappeared but technology allows them to continue running and to continue making profit which has basically saved the financial world.In conclusion COVID 19 although not all bad has had a mostly negative impact on technology.

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